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Our mission is to provide an irresistible sound created by God that is undeniable to every man’s heart, mind, soul and spirit. By removing all limitations and allowing the Holy Spirit to take control of every vocalist and musician we will explore every genre of sound that is necessary to reach the masses. By the love and compassion of our Savior Jesus Christ, “We will commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” Proverbs 16: 3

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True Light Nation

The True Light Story

True Light is a dynamic band inspired by the Holy Spirit. From inception, everything has happened via divine grace. The Holy Spirit instructed Aaron to start a band, provided the names of who the members would be and the instruments they should play. From this, True Light was birthed. Through God’s anointing, True Light’s members taught themselves to play their instruments. Guided by God, they persistently worked toward their goal and in 2009 began practicing together in the basement of Aaron’s home. The first three months of practice were devoted to prayer and worship. These prayer and worship sessions set a foundation for Aaron and the other members to hear from God about song lyrics and beats. By 2011, the band was ministering at a local university and joined The Future is Now tour, performing at a variety of churches and conferences. In 2014, True Light will release their first album The Moment, reflecting on the decision made to not let go of one’s purpose until it becomes a reality. The band continuously ministers the unstoppable love of God through their music and is determined to present him as the greatest creator ever.

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This is True Light

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Aaron Young

Vocalist / Keyboard
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Malcolm Womack

Vocalist / Keyboards
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Mark Connelly

Lead Guitar
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Jerod Franklin

Bass Guitar
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Chimobi Nwachukwu

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The Moment-FINAL-2

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  • As David was able to break bondages, heal wounds, and bring hope with his gift of playing the harp, so will we with our musical gift.

    — Aaron Young —
  • Through our music we want to introduce Jesus as the one who does the impossible.

    — True Light —
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