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Word for Action

From time to time I have to walk a few blocks for my job, from one office to the other. Normally it’s a simple 10 minute walk, nothing typically happens. Sometimes you get to see people ask for change, j-walk, or trip walking, but nothing special. Today, however, a young woman was carrying a plastic bin on a hand truck. And as usual I saw it but paid no real attention, until the bin fell off the hand truck and the contents spilled over the sidewalk.

Right when I saw the bin crash to the ground, I walked right over to help this woman pick up her belongings. And as I helped her, someone else came and picked up the rest of the items that came out of the bin. When I was done I just got up from the ground and walked away, like what I did was no big deal. And the truth is: it’s not. Doing something nice for someone does not need to be made into a big deal, it’s just love. And as Christians, love is supposed to be the one thing that we do. Loving God, loving ourselves and others is what Jesus titled as the greatest commandments. Why? Because love summarizes the entire law; the law that is filled with action words. That means when Jesus walked around for his three year ministry, it was all to teach us how to love God, ourselves and others.

The interesting thing about the idea of love is that most of us have the wrong idea or a skewed idea of what love is. Some of us think that love is a feeling, others think love means let people do what they want, there are a few of us that think it gives us the right to tell people what to do, and another group of people think love means getting walked all over, but none of these are true. Love is an action. Basically love means doing what is best for this person as it relates to eternity. And love for people will never violate the love for God (just something to think about). So all the Bible teaching that we have been getting all of our lives is for us to love better.

Not to say that I’m perfect at this, but the reason that we need to flood our ears with the word of God is because the more we hear the more we build our faith. Faith is what our words and actions follow. So simply to say that the more we believe God’s word, the more we will act out God’s word, and the more we act out God’s word, the more we love God’s way. God’s love in our hearts should drive us to action.


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