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In life we have many challenges. Some of us even have trouble looking at ourselves in the mirror. All we do is look and see our flaws. I’m not pretty enough, I have no talent, I can’t stop my sin, my family says I’m a nobody. We find excuses to have hate in our hearts towards other or towards ourselves. This feeds into Satan’s kingdom. He loves to see you have a cold heart and to have pain, and suffering. This is not of the will of God. Love is the will of God. We have to tackle whatever it is that causes such feelings in order to move forward in God’s will. As Christians, we have to help each other out. If it’s giving a tip to overcome an addiction, lending an ear, or just something simple as a word of encouragement, we all have the duty of helping our brother and our sister to that next step. You never know how something as small as sharing ur testimony can change lives.

My tip for anyone who feels like anything I said above is to read Psalm 89 (talks about our covenant with God) and 90 (God’s awesomeness), then praise God throughout all situations. Randomly sing sings of worship, talk with him and praise his name, get in his face. God loves you. ~Prez