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A few of us are going on vacation together (when you read this we’ll probably be back) right now we are on the plane. As we left the first airport toward our layover it started raining. I started to think that this rain could delay our flight, but it didn’t. I was just thinking that the conditions would hamper our travel to our destination. But as soon as we got in the air there was nothing to worry about. The ground may have been a little wet, but flying has very little to do with the ground outside of landing. While in the air I noticed that, although I already knew it, we were above the clouds. No rain could ever affect us while we were in such a place. This is where God wants us: above the clouds. In our respective lives, there are storms that have the power to change our situations. However when we ascend to where God is, the high place, we are above it all: unaffected. Like this plane there is a assigned place for me, and limited places I can go. As a matter of fact I am still wearing my seatbelt. There are rules to follow. Similarly God gives us guidelines to go where He is. One scripture says, “without holiness no man (or woman) can see God.” Holiness means to be set apart, and to be set apart we must obey God and His principles. To get away from the affects of our storm, proactively or retroactively, sometimes we may need to fast, pray more, give more, or even read more. All of which grows our faith and creates more intimacy with the person of God. Thus allowing God to be more able to cover us throughout our lives.

Just now, we were informed that there was some bad weather ahead, and our pilots are now going to avoid it. All of that reminds me that we may not be able to get away from every storm but our pilot, the Holy Spirit, will lead us the best path through the storm.

I look forward to seeing you above the cloud as we go toward our destinies. ~Jerod