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Jesus was not passive. (Stand)

Jesus was not and never will be passive. A lot of us have gotten a misconception of who Jesus is. People have told us that Jesus was quiet and soft and kind and nice and passive. Although the picture that the world paints is not completely false Jesus was never soft nor was he passive. Remember Jesus walked straight up to grown man and told them to follow Him. No man does that if he’s passive. As a matter of fact Jesus purposefully and aggressively created the group of 12 people that were soon to be known as his disciples and later the apostles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And when Jesus was challenged by the leaders of the day, He stood His ground, and held His stance firm, without wavering or shaking to the side or people pleasing. Jesus was not looking to save peoples feelings, think of the rich young ruler, Jesus told them the truth regardless of what His response was going to be. Jesus knowing the future, knew the response of every person before He even spoke with He was going to say. Yet He still spoke those things knowing that it will hurt their feelings initially, but at the end, would affect the great change in the world. As for us, it is the same thing. When we aggressively take a stance and hold to it, we begin to affect a change in the world that we live in. Sometimes it’s just actions and other times we need to speak up for it. Regardless of the method, we become just like Jesus was in the world. When we are effectively and aggressively standing for the principles of God, with the intent of love, we will see the world that Christ had dreamt of from the beginning. ~ Jerod

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