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I was out at lunch complaining to a coworker about someone of the tasks that I had been doing. I was really frustrated because this it seemed like I was doing things that were outside my job description. Then, a man with one leg crossed the street right in front of me. A man with one leg using crutches.
Hours later it hits me. I am and have been complaining about things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. No so much that I could be missing a leg but more these momentary troubles I have are momentary. Over my years I have waited to get married and have my own family. In waiting for that I now see that my time waiting as a single man will be only a memory after I get married, nothing more. I complain too much about the present without keeping the future and eternity in mind. ~Jerod

It has been brought to my attention that we lose confidence in yourselves. At some point we believe that who we are is not good enough for where we are. It has happened to me, I believed that even though God placed me in a certain situation that I did not measure up to the standard that he called for me to be. I don’t mean in the relationship to sin but in the relationship to the quality of fruit I was putting out. For example, if I was leading Bible study the word that I believe God gave to me seemed like it  was not good enough for the people that I was giving it to. But truthfully it was the devil trying to make me lose confidence in the God that gave me the gift to give to someone else. That is doubt, and doubt is sin. In Romans 14 the last statement says that anything that is not faith is sin. So to resolve this problem we need to believe God that he knew what he was doing when he gave us the mission that he has given us. He knew who we were when he placed us where we are. Therefore let us have confiedence that the creator of the universe that can accomplish in our situations through us. God loves us too much to set us up to fail. ~Jerod