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Knowing someone is different from having a relationship with someone. We know a lot of people; actors, singers, that cashier that works in Giant on Tuesday nights. But having a relationship with someone is much deeper than saying hi and bye. Many believe that they have a relationship with God and will go to heaven because they know His name. This is like saying I get to gain Bill Gate’s money when he passes on because I know his name. The way to heaven is by believing in the Son. This is evident in your life style. This relationship produces fruit. Changes happen. You can’t stay the same. The spirit on the inside of you won’t allow it to be as it was before. And relationships take work in order for them to blossom. So once you’re in it, are you trying to dive deeper to keep it? Are you closer to Him today then you were yesterday, last week, last year? So I ask you, do you have a relationship with God or do you just throw around His name? ~Prez

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