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Some of the worst decisions in my life involved me not allowing God to be in control. God is all knowing, seeing, and powerful. Not allowing God to be in control of your life is like having the ultimate study guide to a test you did not study for and not using it. Step aside and let God be God in your life.~Prez

Knowing someone is different from having a relationship with someone. We know a lot of people; actors, singers, that cashier that works in Giant on Tuesday nights. But having a relationship with someone is much deeper than saying hi and bye. Many believe that they have a relationship with God and will go to heaven because they know His name. This is like saying I get to gain Bill Gate’s money when he passes on because I know his name. The way to heaven is by believing in the Son. This is evident in your life style. This relationship produces fruit. Changes happen. You can’t stay the same. The spirit on the inside of you won’t allow it to be as it was before. And relationships take work in order for them to blossom. So once you’re in it, are you trying to dive deeper to keep it? Are you closer to Him today then you were yesterday, last week, last year? So I ask you, do you have a relationship with God or do you just throw around His name? ~Prez

One of the greatest things about being a true light is… brotherhood. What drew us together of course was the music, but what keeps us together is the fact that we know we’re in this thing together. In the Christian walk you cannot make it alone. Look at Ecclesiastes, it says two is better than one and a three chord strand is not easily broken. Maybe we don’t talk about everything all the time, but we know that the others are there for us and will support us when we are in need. We are a family. When one has a need we all have a need. When one has a problem we all have a problem. And when we take that approach, it allows us to support each other. As Christians, every other Christian is our family and family members forgive each other no matter what the grievance is. We forgive, we support, we love.
What makes the bond of family stronger is understanding that we all have the same objective. We all want the kingdom of God to be built up through our music. When we have the same mind everything is possible, look at the story of the Tower of Babel. Throughout all of the epistles, Paul tells every church to have the same mind, one with another. What mind is that? The mind of Christ. When we are on the same page, meaning True Light, our music is better. As the bass player, I have to be in sync with every other musician and vocalist. I have to know what Chimobi is thinking while he’s thinking it, I have to know what Aaron or Malcolm is thinking while they’re playing the keys, along with following whoever is leading the song vocally. This only happens when I have the same mind as everyone else in the band. If I put myself first or think of myself before the other members of the band I will not be in sync with everyone else. The bass is the foundation of every song, and if I’m not helping with what we are building as a group, I miss my purpose.

The way this translates to every body is that, in the body of Christ, we all have different purposes but the same objective. If we are not linked up together in harmony we will miss our objective altogether, because we would have missed our purpose. Our purpose altogether allow us to achieve our collective objective. ~Jerod