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When I think about true light as a name for the band, my mind goes to seeing an image of light that is so bright it turns everything into a silhouette. The radiance of God, so bright that it makes everything else seem insignificant. And at the same moment I think about John 1 that points Jesus out as the True Light shining into the darkness. As a band name it’s cool to think, hey we are the light that Jesus was shining on the world. Like we have come to destroy the works of the devil and build up the body of Christ. But as I begin to think more about it I am reminded of the moon and how in the darkest of nights it will shine in the sky brightly. And on some select nights the moon seems to take up half of the sky. But we all know that the moon is not a light source, in the sense that it does not create light. All the moon does is reflect the light from the sun onto the planet. And the same is with us, we reflect the light from Our God, the father of Jesus Christ, onto the world. We are True Light only because we reflect it. – Jerod